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Hobson House

Thorndon, Wellington, NZ


Rear extension in heritage style with doors through to large living room

This Thorndon villa has been reimagined as a contemporary home. The original house was built in the late 1800s and had been heavily altered throughout the years (including being converted into three flats). To consolidate the building we removed the clutter of smaller rooms and improved the circulation by repositioning the hallway. The front of the house has been revitalised through the removal of an old carport at the front. New car parking has been incorporated into the house with two timber and glass panelled garage doors evocative of traditional joinery. To the rear of the house, a modern extension has been added to provide a new living room – this is stepped down from the main floor level to create a better connection with the garden. The extension’s gable roof form is reflective of the main roof and provides a generous volume internally.

Photos by Andy Spain

Living room with steps up to dining room and kitchen beyond. Painted timber ceiling and visible rafters
Custom hearth in bright copper with built in fire over painted wainscoting
View from kitchen to dining and living, out to deck and garden
Renovated entry hall in traditional style
Custom wine cellar cupboard with glass sliding door
Kitchen island with cabinets, fridge and door to hallway beyond
Modern kitchen in traditional style with stone benches and shaker style cabinets. Glass door to scullery
Front elevation of traditional house with garage doors in the style of heritage bay windows
Hobson House floor plan drawings
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