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Corner Block

Wellington, NZ


Corner Block 1 - 950.jpg
Corner Block 2.jpg

Corner Block is a design exercise in comparing the relative merits of two separate approaches for developing a corner site in an inner-city borough.

Both approaches have a design brief of accommodating residential units with street level commercial tenancies.


The lower density proposal is three storeys (plus roof terrace) accommodating 4 single room apartments above a commercial tenancy and can utilise less intensive construction methods (think timber frame construction, lower build cost per square metre).


The denser proposal is 6 storeys with 8 apartments (single, double, and three bedroom) above dual commercial tenancies and relies on commercial construction methodology with a bigger demand on building services (lift/stair core, service courts, plant, etc – higher build cost per square metre).


Both approaches look to provide good amenity to each residential dwelling, with access to balconies or roof terraces, privacy between dwellings, and generous light and outlook.


Melling Architects was commissioned to carry out this design analysis responding to relevant planning rules, as well as providing a build cost vs nett lettable area analysis on both proposals to help the clients determine a preferred option. 

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