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Egmont Garage - 'The Loading Bay' Apartment

Te Aro, Wellington, NZ


Loading Bay interior photo living room

Originally built in the 1930s and developed into a standalone apartment in the mid-1990s, this former loading bay has a main bedroom and bathroom located above an internal garage at the front with a second bedroom above a laundry and kitchen.

The dining and living area is a generous double height space that leads onto a courtyard at the end. There is a feature brick wall that runs down the length of the northern wall.


Last year the apartment has undergone a complete overhaul as well as structural strengthening. All spaces were renewed and the industrial feel enhanced by accentuating existing materials including concrete floors, brick walls, recycled Rimu and Macrocarpa, in conjunction with the chunky steel portal frames in the main living space. The original concrete wall from the late 1800s was uncovered revealing the numbered loading bays becoming a dominant feature in the space with the wall extending past the end glazing and into the courtyard.

Photos by Andy Spain

Loading Bay exterior photo from Egmont Street
Loading Bay interior photo hallway
Loading Bay interior photo from kitchen
Loading Bay interior photo structure and ceiling
Loading Bay interior photo living room out to courtyard
Loading Bay exterior photo of courtyard
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