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Northland Victorian

Northland, Wellington, NZ   


Northland (1).jpg

One of David’s favourite renovations. This project was completed in 2012 and included a loft extension for two new bedrooms as well as a new home office at the front of the house. To accommodate the home office, we extended out on the south side to capture the sun and outlook. This new form had a roof deck with access from the formal living room above. Though not a specific part of the brief the roof deck enabled a simple box form with improved functionality and avoided having to look at a roof from the main level of the house above. A traditional entry deck, veranda posts and decorative brackets were installed below the existing cantilevered sun room which gave the front of the house a prominent entry, anchoring the house to the ground.

Northland (2).jpg
Northland (4).jpg
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99 Northland St - plans.jpg
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