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Pembroke Road

Northland, Wellington, NZ   


6 Pembroke 1

A home for a family on a rare empty section in Wellington’s inner-city suburb of Northland. This infill site is 300m2 having been subdivided some years ago from the property behind. The house has three levels but was designed to appear more as two to reduce its visual impact, with a 45-degree sloped roof and dormer windows for the upper level bedrooms. The Bottom level, which has a large garage, guest and utility rooms and a northern courtyard has been articulated with dark metal cladding extending to the top of a roof deck balustrade. The upper part of the house has light Macrocarpa board and batten cladding with generous glazing. There is a lofty internal main living space with outdoor living to the front as well as the more private compact landscaped garden and BBQ hut at the rear. Construction is nearly completed as of the end of 2018.

Photos by Andy Spain

Pembroke Plans.jpg
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