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Rieger’s Print

Bond Street, Wellington, NZ


Large custom front reception desk in glossy red with timber counter top,  modern print shop beyond

Rieger's print shop has been around for some time, and the owners felt it was time to update and reconfigure the shop fit out. A budget driven design proposed to create a generous front of house area for customers, a stripped back and simple appearance comprised of natural materials, and a sense of depth to the shop when viewed through the large street windows. Old ceiling tiles were removed to expose the concrete slab structure of the above floor, tired carpet was replaced by natural rubber flooring, and a simple timber counter and bench were installed. All electrical cabling is exposed or housed within a galvanised steel tray from which simple light fixtures are suspended while concealed lighting illuminates the bright red branding of the counter front.

Photos  by Andy Spain 

Wide timber bench counter with print shop behind
Front reception with built in timber bench seat for customers and shop front glazing to busy street
Customers waiting at reception with stainless steel pendant lights above
Print shop over counter, Reigers logo on front face of desk
Rieger's Print floor plan drawings
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