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Beach Haven, Auckland, NZ


Boat Shed  (1).jpg

This project is an alteration to a 1970's house perched among mature native vegetation with generous views across to Catalina Bay in Auckland Harbour. The design scope was to rearrange the main living areas of the house to make the most use of a back yard and pool area with pool to the south east and the lofted balcony to the north west. Dividing walls were knocked down to introduce natural light into circulation spaces which were previously dim and a degree of transparancy was introduced to the main living areas to take advantage of the surrounding vegetation and views. The tired stucco cladding was replaced with a mixture of macrocarpa trim and coloured panels which animates the house in what is a pleasant sub tropical setting.  

Boat Shed  (2).jpg
Boat Shed  (11).jpg
Boat Shed  (7).jpg
Boat Shed  (9).jpg
Boat Shed  (6).jpg
Boat Shed  (10).jpg
Boatshed Plans.jpg
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