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Harbour View

Northland, Wellington, NZ   


34 Harbour View 7.jpg

This is an extensive renovation and extension to a 1920s house on the ridge in Northland with fantastic views of the city and harbour to the east as well as the hills and suburbs to the west. The basement level was excavated to create a significant lower level with two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and laundry with access to a landscaped garden area. The main level was reconfigured to create a new kitchen, dining and family space with covered balcony as well as a new bathroom and opening up the formal living spaces on the east side. The existing house already had a gable extension to the northwest, so the design solution was to add another gable to work as twin gables articulated differently to suit each of their purposes. A master bedroom suite was added to the upper level with a dormer roof set below the existing ridge line. As with most of our alteration projects in a suburban setting, we work with the existing forms and materials and look to minimise the external visual impact. We endeavour to create a more modern and open spaces that capitalise on the sun and views of the site while maintaining the traditional character of the original house.

Photos by Andy Spain

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