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Long Run

Ōhāriu, Wellington, NZ


2020 - Ohariu Valley Rd New House 2.jpg

The site for this project is a kind of raised peninsula surrounded by a creek and wetland nestled in the Ohariu Valley.


Orientation of the house is set up to shield from the public road to the southeast and open up to outlook and sun on the northwest side of the valley where the owners are establishing native planting.


The house is split into a living wing and bedroom wing pivoted around a terraced deck which reaches out like a pier to the wetlands below.

The terracing is matched inside the living wing of the house and echoed in the roofline which gently pitches toward the valley floor.

The living wing shelters the deck from the wind which comes up the valley from the southwest but also opens up to allow generous connections to the outside on still days.

2020 - Ohariu Valley Rd New House 1.jpg
2020 - Ohariu Valley Rd New House 04.jpg
2020 - Ohariu Valley Rd New House 3.jpg
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