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Wellington, NZ



Perched on a steep site in Wellington, the design prioritises simple geometry with limited impact on the sloping terrain.

Using a pitched roof which mimics the general gradient of terrain allows enough space to place 7 terraced dwellings underneath. Each have open lower living levels with two-bedroom upper levels which are afforded outlook and light. Living areas lead directly to north facing patio areas which are shielded from each other using the natural terrain and low height barriers and stormwater retention tanks.

Basic amenity like covered entry porches and lower floor eaves are provided by ‘pushing and pulling’ the double storey mass which in turn breaks down and articulates the facades.

North facing upper floor bedroom windows are surrounded with metal shrouds to give solar control and privacy from the external patios, and once again provide depth and articulation to the façade. Colour variation on the metal corrugate cladding is used to give identity to each dwelling.

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