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Parkvale House

Karori, Wellington, NZ


Parkvale 1.jpg

This is a new compact three bedroom house on a sloped urban infill site to the rear of an existing property. The lower level which houses the bedrooms is set part way into the hill side, with the living spaces located on the upper floor. This allows the living spaces to make the most of the views, sun and access to the upper garden. The spaces are defined in their use by varying ceiling forms & linings, sliding doors and open shelving. Macrocarpa has been used for the internal flooring, trim and ceiling linings, this coupled with light interior finishes creates a warm and homely feel to the dwelling.

Parkvale 5.jpg
Parkvale 6.jpg
Parkvale 7.jpg
Parkvale 3.jpg
Parkvale 2.jpg
Parkvale Plans.jpg
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