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PeaBox Renovation

Shelly Bay Road, Wellington, NZ   

May 2015

Large roof deck on architectural alteration with bright coloured striped awning above door to home

This somewhat dilapidated house across the road from Burnham Wharf has undergone an extensive repair and renovation to become a modern two bedroom home overlooking Evans Bay. Though no different in shape and size the transformation makes quite a difference, complete with generous roof garden and stripey awnings to invoke an English seaside cottage.

Photos by Andy Spain

Two storey grey painted timber modern house with large workshop / garage
Modern home and garage with trees beyond, in front of large cliff and foliage
Covered entrance way with generous deck looking into hall way with timber floor
Aluminium entry door looking out to entrance deck
Cosy modern living room with large doors to roof top deck
Day time image of roof top deck looking back at building and over the harbour
Brightly lit stairwell with windows and timber stairs
Clean modern bathroom interior design with modern plumbing fixtures
Image of home and garage from across the road at the beach
P Box floor plan drawings
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