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Suitcase House

Melrose, Wellington, NZ


Plywood and concrete interior of home with generous window down to view of beach

This one bedroom design is located at the bottom of a narrow access strip which leads to a larger plot of land some 20 metres above street level. The design places a partially open living, kitchen, dining, and bedroom plan on top of a garage plinth with internal access. The internal stair splits the kitchen/dining/lounge area from the bedroom/bathroom area though the areas remain connected visually. A single sloping roof approximately follows the pitch of the site and creates a lofty and largely glazed volume at the living end, the effect of which makes a compact space feel larger than what it is. This is further increased by an outdoor patio on the glazed northern edge of the building. Suitcase House was featured in Home Magazine website in 2019.

Exterior image of modern small house with dark cladding, bright orange panels around windows, and sloped roof down to street
Close up of concrete side steps with steel handrail, and house beyond
View across to view of beach with metal cladding to house in foreground
Interior view from bedroom / office up to kitchen dining showing timber linings and slot windows
View down length of interior with modern white and stainless steel kitchen
Timber structure, modern furniture and large sliding door out to sheltered courtyard
Suitcase House floor plan drawings
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