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Terrace House

Newtown, Wellington, NZ


145 Owen Street - 01.jpg

Another infill house puzzle, this time the design in in the front of the existing dwelling. The site presents a rare opportunity to directly address street frontage while maintaining a sense of privacy for the occupants of the new dwelling. The house is set upon a garage 'plinth' with internal access up to a 2 bedroom house which opens out to a terrace (at living level) on the northern side of the house. Generous glazing opens up to this north terrace yet the windows recede in scale on the western and public face of the house to maintain a felling of privacy. The massing of the design also lowers in scale by terracing down to street level and offering up a garden which can be enjoyed by private occupants and the public alike. Timber board and batten cladding wraps the main house box while the minor circulation box attached to the south side is clad in metal corrugate which once again helps break down the overall mass of the design.

145 Owen Street - 02.jpg
145 Owen Street - 03.jpg
145 Owen Street - 05.jpg
145 Owen Street - 04.jpg
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