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Brooklyn, Wellington, NZ


Beautiful view over hills with large modern home to the side

This was a great opportunity with a rural site in Long Gully Station high above Brooklyn. The site is essentially flat with views down over a native bush-clad valley and stream with the western hills, Makara wind farm, and the South Island beyond. The owners sold their compact bungalow in Brooklyn for more space and a connection to the outdoors. They were keen to have a simple barn type approach with exposed structure internally. We proposed a very simple extruded gable with 45-degree roof and walls of freezer panel and feature panels of brightly painted cement board and glazing. It is planned on 1m module that is 6m wide x 18m long footprint with 1/2 mezzanine and 1/2 open cathedral living space. The end western bay with views is set back in for a ‘tongue’ of timber deck that protrudes out over the bush. The structure is heavy glue-laminated timber portal frames with steel cross braced frames on a double concrete slab with hydronic central heating. The house sits well as an unassuming barn in a rural landscape, but reveals itself internally with the smooth metal panels, heavy timber structure expressed steel bracketry and simple industrial materials of concrete, strand board, plywood that come together as a cathedral-like space.

Photos by Andy Spain

Drone footage flying over valley before orbiting around modern gabled home
High up aerial photo of modern home and garage, high up on tree covered hills at sunset
Aerial photo of modern, gabled home with glazed end and tidy landscaping
Entrance to home with dark coloured metal cladding and brightly coloured accents
Timber end of house with triangle window, brightly coloured panels and generous glazing
Interior kitchen, living, dining with industrial style kitchen and large visible wooden structure
Interior close up of kitchen area with bright orange cabinets and industrial style bench
Living room photo of large window over looking deck and beautiful valley views
Distance shot of modern house with bushes in front and hills beyond
Night time photo of home partially hidden by bush with warm lighting inside
Evening photo looking back at house over valley view
Valley:Gable floor plan drawings
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