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Wilton Pop-Top

Wilton, Wellington, NZ


Close up of 'pop-top' extension to existng house with colourful cladding panels and weatherboards

A two part renovation that took place over a 5 year period. The first part was to modernise the internal layout by opening up key living areas to the west which offers sun and views. The second part was to connect the dwelling to the upper part of the site so the occupants (keen gardeners) could directly access these higher terraces. This connection is formed by the addition of an upper story (the 'pop-top') set behind the ridge line of the existing roof which bridges back to the site's upper terrace via a spacious deck. Part of the under croft of the deck is enclosed to create a new entry and 'mud room'. The addition's cladding matches the weatherboards on the existing house but is offset by a mix of windows and coloured panels which form a continuous band around the upper storey. The overall result is that a humble house is knitted into the particularities of it's setting.

Pop-top from deck showing door to inside
Opened up existing building with open plan kitchen, dining and living
Winding timber stairs to upper level pop-top
Built in laundry with custom timber bench top
Wilton pop top floor plan drawings
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